The need for post-secondary scholarships continues to rise as a result of more students with aspirations for additional education and rising costs of tuition. Providing scholarship opportunities to deserving, hardworking students is such an honorable way to give students a strong send off from their own community. Many students are encouraged to pursue a post-secondary opportunity by a simple gesture of giving. Help us support our students and their dreams!

Cobb Schools Foundation Scholarships: Awarded to up to two students per high school each year. To support this scholarship program, give here.

Turner Cockrell Scholar Athlete Award: Each year a scholar athlete from Allatoona High School is chosen to receive a scholarship honoring the life for former student athlete, Turner Cockrell.

Dr. Kathie Elliot Educational Leadership Scholarship: This scholarship will be awarded to educators who aspire to educational leadership positions.

Abbey Hebert Memorial Scholarship: Each year a scholarship is awarded to one Allatoona student who is a caring individual who displays acts of kindness and outstanding citizenship through their high school career, contributes positively to the classroom and community, and is in good academic standing and maintains an excellent attitude towards education and school life. Click here if you would like to support this scholarship.

Christina Diaz Memorial Scholarship: Each year a scholarship is provided to a Walton High School student who aspires to study abroad. Click here to support this scholarship fund, which is invested at the Cobb Community Foundation, benefiting Walton High School students.