Parents and school leaders are passionate about where their students attend school and often want to support the needs of a local school. There are a couple of ways individuals can support their local school. Through the Cobb Schools Foundation, every school can participate in the All In Campaign which happens on an annual basis. Each school principal may choose to share giving opportunities with the families that attend their school and contributions will go directly to support that school – these are Designated Local School Funds. Our greatest needs throughout Cobb Schools center around advancing student potential by preparing them for post-secondary education or careers, providing learning interventions, and supporting family stabilization efforts.

If there is a strong network of parents who would like to support their principal in developing a specific Annual Campaign and define the needs of their school, they may form an Advisory Board. The advisory board may coordinate fundraising efforts in alignment with the strategic vision for that particular school. Fundraising objectives and priorities should all seek to support the mission of their local school and align with the priorities of the CCSD Strategic Plan.

Designated Local School Funds:

Donate to Elementary Schools

Donate to Middle Schools

Donate to High Schools:

Local School Advisory Boards :

Bells Ferry Elementary School Foundation

Bullard Elementary School Foundation

Chalker Elementary School Foundation

Ford Elementary School Foundation

Harrison High School Foundation

Pebblebrook High School Foundation

Powder Springs Elementary School Foundation

Rocky Mount Elementary Foundation

Smyrna Elementary Foundation

Still Elementary School Foundation

Varner Elementary School Foundation

Vaughan Elementary School Foundation