With over 40% of Cobb students qualifying for free or reduced lunch, we recognize that some of our families have basic needs that will give students the ability to unlock the quality education that awaits them.

Many students and their families face poverty, transiency, and occasional  homelessness. Our family stabilization funding equips our social workers with  funding they need that will directly help students in need. Providing students with food, clothing, shoes, after-school scholarships, transportation, and support  for housing are just a few examples of how your support can impact a student’s learning experience. Students with the greatest needs experience the stresses of poverty which can lead to limited literacy and language development, and delayed or impaired learning. The ability to concentrate is affected if a child is hungry. A child’s ability to adequately participate in physical activities can be subjective if they do not have proper clothing or shoes, proper medical care, or access to hot meals.

Support our students in need!