Gimme 5 Campaign

We all have hopes and dreams for what the future will hold for our students. Whether it’s the type of job they will have, sports they will excel at, or aspirations for some other meaningful impact their life will make, we all have those moments where we can see so many possibilities in their young eyes. In order to prepare our students for these opportunities, we need to come together to be the type of community who can see potential, even if they cannot.

This year’s Gimme 5 Campaign will focus on supporting three initiatives that directly impact students throughout Cobb County School District: afterschool scholarships, senior scholarships, and supplies for sensory rooms across the district.

  • Afterschool scholarships help provide extended safety to children and allow for working families to maintain employment while working more traditional hours.
  • This year, we have received over 200 applications from students representing every high school, in hopes of receiving support for post-secondary scholarships.
  • Several of our elementary schools need sensory room supplies to help some of our most vulnerable students learn important skills that help them manage their emotional responses to environmental factors.

The list could go on and on because there are so many important opportunities throughout our schools, but we feel that providing student safety, supporting social-emotional learning, and rewarding years of hard academic work is what will provide critical opportunities for the next path our students take. Your support will help students across our district gain access to new opportunities that will provide them with additional tools for success.

I appreciate your consideration to support our student’s educational journey and making Cobb the best place to live, learn, and teach! Please give here.

Felicia Wagner

Executive Director, Cobb Schools Foundation