FY 2020 Teacher Impact Grant Winners!

We are happy to announce the teachers receiving classroom grants this year. Congratulations to them and their students. A special thanks to Gas South for being a great sponsor this year!


Mrs. Jeanne Huck, a PE teacher at Chalker Elementary School, received $2,500 for Operation Minds in Motion. She believes in the relationship between physical activity and the brain. Items will be purchased that will focus on kinesthetic learning and helping students connect motion with optimal learning potential!
Mrs. Aaren Erwin, Spanish teacher at Hillgrove High School, received $1,500 for Un libro para nosotros – Books for us – a program that provides funding for her Spanish VII high school students to write books for dual immersion language students in elementary school!

Character and Leadership

Michael Devault, business education teacher at Osborne High School, received $2,500 for the establishment of an annual Small Business Expo. His students will obtain the knowledge, skills and confidence to unlock greater economic opportunity by giving students the goal of creating their own small business and displaying their products or services!

Community Service

Mrs. Kimberly Pair, special education teacher at Lewis Elementary School, received $500 for Giving Back to the Community. Her students will partner with a local homeless pet shelter to encourage the adoption of pets who need homes. This project will align with their literacy unit on Community Helpers and give these young students the opportunity to develop leadership and positive citizenship through giving.

Literacy Interventions

Mrs. Lauren Campbell, 2nd grade teacher at Bryant Elementary School, received $530 for the Power of the Pen project. This intense remediation program will help students who fall below grade level expectations in math and reading. There are some students who lack the basic phonics and phonemic awareness to advance in school and materials purchased with this funding will supply the classroom with what students need to advance.
Mrs. Michelle Whitesel, ESOL and EIP teacher at Harmony-Leland Elementary School, received $2,500 for Reflections for Everyone – Books that Represent Us. This funding will be used to expand books in the school’s Media Center. Research has shown that when students identify with literature, they have higher academic success.
Dr. Patricia King, Speech Pathologist at Mableton Elementary School, received $1,837 for Every Student Deserves a Voice. Her integrated Autism K-2 classroom needs technology that will enable nonverbal students the opportunity to communicate through technology. Special technology is being purchased that will enable her students to use devices with single and multi-word messages.
Mrs. Tonya Grimmke, special education teacher at Wheeler High School, received $400 to expand the availability of books in the school’s Media Center that will directly match her student’s learning potential.

Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics (STEAM)

Mrs. Nicole Gaut, art teacher at Durham Middle School, received $1,085 to STEM It Up with Papermaking. The art of papermaking will allow her students to learn about history, science, engineering, and art. Papermaking also allows the opportunity to re-purpose materials like old cotton clothes and sheets as well as recycle and re-purpose used copy paper. Students will be able to make beautiful original pieces of art out of materials people would most likely throw away. This lesson is great for our environment and teaches the value of connecting multiple disciplines in the arts.
Mrs. Deryl Hefflin,science lab specialist at Nickajack Elementary School, received $1,196 for STEM in Action. This project is designed to increase her student’s ability to problem solve and think critically through STEM based initiatives.
Colonel Stephen Williams, Aerospace and Engineering teacher at Pope High School, received $1,908 for a Drone Flight Lab project. This project provides greatly enhanced opportunities for Student learning using a “hands on” program of instruction allows them to take future classes to train for FAA Recreational and/or commercial licensing while preparing for the drone careers of the future.