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All In Campaign: Our greatest needs throughout Cobb Schools center around advancing student potential by preparing them for post-secondary education or careers, providing learning interventions, and supporting family stabilization efforts. Every student arrives at our schools each day with personal experiences that impact what they already know and do. With community support we can support every student’s journey towards success.

After-school Scholarships: K-5 students are in need of after-school care. For just $7 per day, no other childcare options are more affordable or consistent to a child’s care than that provided at their own school. Decades of research show that the stability of after-school programs help kids learn, grow, and make smart choices, while giving parents the opportunity to work longer hours or more traditional hours.

Academic Scholarships: Over $500,000 in scholarships has been awarded to high school seniors since 1999. These scholarships are possible due to the generosity of numerous businesses and members of the community who wish to give back to the school district through a scholarship fund.

Cobb Schools Foundation Scholarships: Awarded to up to two students per high school each year.

Feed Their Need: Over 40% of students at Cobb Schools are considered economically disadvantaged. We know that a hungry child isn’t always equipped to take on academic challenges. Supporting this initiative will provide a school with funds that will help students obtain a hot meal.

Teacher Impact Grants: You can support a teacher’s classroom dreams! Throughout Cobb Schools our teachers find ways to make learning interesting and lasting for our students. Often times their dreams simply do not make it into the school’s annual budget, but you can help! With the community’s support we can continue to make our classrooms more challenging by funding teacher grant applications. Grant requests focus on STEAM, character, leadership, world languages, performing arts and more.

Start Your Own Fundraiser for Cobb Schools Foundation: You can support our efforts by giving now, or start your own fundraiser and share our mission with your personal network.