Impact Grant Help Sprayberry Students Turn the World Upside Down


AP Psych students at Sprayberry High School recently conducted an experiment using “inversion goggles” purchased with Impact Grant funds provided buy the Cobb Schools Foundation. Inversion goggles fit over the eyes and use prisms to invert the user’s world view. Tanya Lancee, who has taught both AP Psychology and AP Human Geography at the school since 2005, reported the students had an eye-opening experience on the connection between visual perspective and motor skills.

“It was AWESOME,” said Lancee. “They had to write their name, put a book on a shelf, and catch a tennis ball. All of these activities are usually very easy but that became quite complicated with the goggles. They were having so much fun at one point that teachers from other classrooms were coming in to see what was going on. We really appreciate the Foundation providing us with the money to help our students learn.”

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