Congratulations to our 2015 Teacher IMPACT Grant Winners!

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The Cobb Schools Foundation is pleased to award 22 IMPACT Grants to outstanding teachers in Cobb County School District for a total of $23,750 in grants!

We are proud to support creative and innovative ideas in education through our annual IMPACT Grant program. All honorees were recognized at the 2105 Annual Meeting Dinner of the Board of Trustees of the Cobb Schools Foundation held on December 8, 2015.

Congratulations to the following winners!


Special Student Services – $1500.00

SRA Decoding Program
Amy Jefferson
Project will provide SRA (Science Research Associates) Decoding Strands to increase the reading levels of every EBD (Emotional Behavior Disorder) classroom in the Cobb County School District.  This reading program provides a positive  learning environment.


Argyle Elementary School – $1424.90

Programming is as Easy as Raspberry Pi
Roshanda Wilson
Project funds Kano computers which uses Raspberry Pi technology. These computers will be used by students in grades 3-5 and will allow them to build their own computer.  Through this project they will be learning about programming and careers in technology.


Austell Elementary School – $1500.00

Austell Elementary STEM Program
Whitney Sutherland
Project provides funding for a 3D printer and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) kits for use by the entire school.  It will also create an afterschool Disaster Prevention/Problem Solving STEM team to collaborate with the city of Austell officials to study disasters like the flood that occurred at Austell Elementary.


Bells Ferry Elementary School – $1,000.00

Bee-Bots for STEM and Academics!
Kimberly McCreary
Project provides a Bee-Bot Hive which includes Bee-Bot robots, docking station, backpack and card-mats. These robots will introduce first grade students to basic programming skills, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills which will allow them to reach their full potential in a STEM environment.


Big Shanty Intermediate School – $300.00

Read and Ride for Focus and Fitness
Patricia Peacock
This “read and ride” project will provide two stationary bicycles for use by 40 third grade students.  Students will read while pedaling for thirty minutes per week and log the numbers of pages they read while pedaling.  These bicycles will motivate students with high activity levels to increase their independent reading time.


Big Shanty Intermediate School – $1500.00

Please Pass the Pi
Barbara Powell-Schager
Project involves a Bee Bot Bundle, Raspberry Pi1 starter kit, and numerous card-mats which will provide computer programming coding using hands-on instruction to the entire student body through library lessons.  Teachers will also be able to use the robots in their individual classrooms.


Cheatham Hills Elementary School – $1,000.00

Creating a Culture of Caring Kids
Monica Alicea
Project will provide a Mac Book Air 13 to demonstrate and document the Caring Kids projects that students have developed in the Advanced Learning Program.  Projects include Pen Pals with orphans, dramatic activity for young children, animal advocacy, kitchen kids café, and baskets for women’s shelters.


Clarkdale Elementary School – $1,000.00

Competitive Debate Team
Sarah Morgan
Project furthers the goals of the Debate Team by participating in four Atlanta Urban Debate League elementary competitions throughout the 2015-16 school year.  Fourth and fifth graders participating in the formal debate competitions will be provided with a forum to argue…for a cause.  The Debate Team will help these students improve their writing and speaking skills.


Fair Oaks Elementary School – $500.00

Authentic Art Career Program:  Teaching Meaningful Work Experience through Art Career Program and Art Business Model
Mi Kormos
Project will help bring more visiting artists to the school and provide an Artista Potter’s Wheel.  This project will benefit students in grades 2-5 in learning about art careers and create ceramic bowls that will be used in the Empty Bowl fundraiser reducing hunger in the local community.


Kemp Elementary School – $500.00

Book Clubs in Action
Mandi DePriest, Cynthia Wadsworth
Project will add multiple copies of fiction and non-fiction books to the Book Club library that 150 students participate in.  Book Clubs improve students’ reading, writing, speaking, and listening standards and leadership skills.


McCall Primary School – $1,500.00

Bringing Computer Coding to Our Youngest Learners
Tiffany Hourigan
Project will provide Blue-Bot Robots, Pro-Bot Robots, docking station and academic work mats.  These materials will give a hands-on approach to teaching computer coding to all students and staff.  The computer coding will take place in the STEM lab and will help students think outside the box when solving problems and give students experiences in trial and error.


Milford Elementary School – $500.00

Enhance Literacy
Kimberly Test
Project provides multicultural books that all first grade students will use during their guided reading groups, CAFÉ (Comprehension, Accuracy, Fluency, Expand Vocabulary) strategy groups, and class read-alouds.  By exposing students to a wide range of multicultural literature, they will begin  to appreciate the differences among others.


Sanders Elementary School – $512.00

Rotating Indoor Garden
Keven Lynch
Gardening project that will provide STEM activities involving the entire school by cultivating a garden and selling “Smoothies” made from garden produce.  This project incorporates science (plant life), math (measurements, business aspects), reading/language arts (journaling), and technology (research related to agriculture and economics).


Sope Creek Elementary School – $1,500.00

EV3:  Creating the Programmers of Tomorrow
Jenny Boucher
Project provides Lego Mindstorms EV3 Robot core sets to apply the engineering design process to the field of robotics.  These robots will be used in the Advanced Placement Learning Program and for 4th and 5th grade afterschool students.  Students involved in this project will identify authentic problems, research problems, develop solutions, create programs, test and make improvements.  All of these skills are vital to increase their success in school and life.


Timber Ridge Elementary School – $1,000.00

Andy’s Garden Outdoor Classroom
Alison Dunford
Project will provide funding for materials and labor for an outdoor classroom renovation of Andy’s Garden which is an old, decaying outdoor classroom.  This outdoor learning center will be used by the entire Timber Ridge School community and provide STEM projects particularly in the areas of science, writing, math and technology.


J.J. Daniell Middle School – $1,000.00

River Remix:  A New Way to Explore Our Connection to the Water Around Us
Leigh Anna Engkaninan
Project will focus on preparing all sixth grade student in the Research and Reading Skills classes for a field trip to the Chattahoochee River.  Students will conduct problem-based learning experiments and experiences on the field trip.  Preparation for the field trip includes working with two kits:  Reading River Sediments and Sedimentary Strata and use of a sedimentary rock collection.


Griffin Middle School – $1,000.00

STEAMFest 2016, Full STEAM Ahead with a Maker Faire
Barbara Quarles
Hosting and providing materials for a STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Mathematics) Fest Maker Faire in March of 2016 Is the goal of this project.  The Faire will provide twenty-five Maker Stations where students and families can make an item from several categories: engineering, robotics, sustainabilities, art, electrical, simple machines, and chemical energy.


Allatoona High School – $300.00

Andrea Gwynn
Project uses double-sided whiteboards for 240 students in the Foreign Language Department.  The lined side of the whiteboard will be used for spontaneous sentences and sentence translation.  The non-lined side will be used daily for quick formative assessments to check comprehension.


Kennesaw Mountain High School – $2,500.00

Move the Planets and Stars into the Classroom and the Community
Berkil Alexander
Project will setup an observatory in the courtyard of the KMHS campus.  This includes building a platform for the observatory, providing electricity, purchase of a computer and related software.  A functioning observatory was donated to the school but to date has been in wooden containers.  With the installation of the observatory, it will be possible to move the planets and stars into the classroom and also for the entire KMHS community,


Osborne High School – $2,000.00

Photovoice Documentaries
Sherrye Tillman
Project will fund digital cameras and computers in order for 9th-12th graders to utilize the photovoice methodology to define themselves, their families, and their communities.  The photovoice project is a “coming together” of arts-based forms of inquiry and data collection (photography, poetry, spoken word) with the more traditional forms of observation, interviewing and document analysis.


Pope High School – $1.500.00

When Greyhounds Fly?!
Ann Pierce
Project provides an opportunity for zoology and environmental science students to become familiar with local and migratory bird populations of Marietta, GA.  Through the purchase of binoculars students will identify, count, and enter data onto the Christmas Count website.  This data helps to preserve bird populations and habitats.


Sprayberry High School – $214.00

Inversion Glasses/Goggles
Tanya Lancee
Project provides inversion glasses/goggles to be used by AP Psychology students in conjunction with their neuroscience and sensation/perception units.  Wearing these glasses/goggles makes everything upside down and students begin to notice how quickly the brain adapts to this new environment.  This experiment makes learning fun and interactive for the students.